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Basin Tap Installation / Replacement
 From $60
Basin Tap Replacement
basin tap replacement

Basin tap, the tap we use every day. Every day we wakes up and brushes our teeth and it’s the basin tap that provide us with the water. After using for a few years, it will cause the basin tap to slowly deteriorate. Problem like leaking noisy and dripping will slowly surface and no matter how expensive the basin tap is, problem like this are something we cannot avoid. You can contact us to replace your tap.

There are many different type of basin tap.

  • Cold water only basin tap. Mainly found in older HDB where only cold water are supplied to the tap and by turning or twisting the handle lever, water will gradually flow out. It also comes in many design and competitive prices.
  • Hot and cold basin mixer tap. Widely use in condo where hot and cold water pipe are installed, and many newer HDB has also adopt similar pipe layout and water temperate are controlled by a single lever.
  • Tall basin tap. A countertop basin usually come with the tap. Tap opening is on the countertop therefore will require a taller tap to reach over the basin. 
  • Wall mounted basin tap. This tap are designed to be fitted on the wall, and is challenging to install and replace as the system is concealed within the wall itself. Usually found in high-end condo, the tap have the control lever and sprout installed on the wall to create a seamless minimalistic looking toilet.

How to keep your basin tap looking in tip top condition.

  • Lemon, use the lemon to rub over the tap and the acid in the lemon dissolves the limescale. Then simply scrub the tap with an old toothbrush or scrub pad. 
  • Vinegar, soak cotton wool in vinegar, wrap around the tap spout and secure with an elastic band. Let it sit for a few hours before removing and rinse it.
  • Soap, simply use a cloth with soapy water to clean up the old and worn looking tap to remove stains accumulated over long period of usage.

Common Basin Tap Issue.

  1. Leaking Tap, water continue to drip after tap is fully closed.
  2. Broken Handle, tap handle unable to on and off the tap.
  3. Noisy Tap, when water is turned on, you can hear hissing and humming sound.

We Provide Immediate Replacement For Basin Tap

Remember to check your tap to see if any of the mention problem happen to your basin tap. Contact Wong Plumber to fix and replace of your leaking tap. Our tap replacement service includes dismantling and disposal of existing tap and installing new basin tap. As a leaky dripping tap will cause wastage of water, therefore it will lead to an increase in the water bill. Whatsapp us to replace your tap today.

Why Should you choose Wong Plumber to replace your leaking sink tap.

  • Local experience plumber 
  • Guarantee workmanship
  • Quality Material supplied
  • Honest and transparent pricing 
  • Island wide emergency plumbing service in Singapore
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