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Kitchen Sink Tap/Faucet Installation / Replacement
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Kitchen sink tap replacement

Kitchen sink tap

Kitchen sink tap, one of the item that we pay no attention to after it’s been installed. It is only until yours fails to function properly like a leaking sink tap then you realised the significance of your installed sink tap.

We spend a lot of money when renovating our house. Part of the cost goes to plumbing ware like the kitchen sink tap. They are different type and design for a sink top. Branded tap can cost as much as 4 digits. No matter how expensive the tap is, make sure the tap is not having any problem, example a leaking tap.

Here are type of sink taps:

  • Single lever mixer taps. The lever control both the water flow and temperature. The simple design making it the most common tap found in Singapore.
  • Double handle mixer taps. This tap uses two control valves to mixed both hot and cold water to the desire temperature. Due to its complexity, it is slowly replaced by single lever tap mixer.
  • Thermostatic taps. Similarly, this type uses two control valves, however one of the levers is use to control the temperature another controls the water flow. The thermostatic valve mixes the hot and cold water to your pre-selected temperature and adjust according. Mostly found in high end brands.
  • Cold water only taps. Use mostly in HDB, as most of the HDB only have cold water supply to the kitchen. It uses a single lever to control the water flow. Do not be deceived by its simple look, some can cost up to a few hundred dollars.
  • Pulled out tap. This tap is gaining its popularity due to it convenient usage. The tap has retractable sprout that can be pull out so it can reach and wash difficult part of the sink that other taps cannot do.

Common issue a sink tap can have:

  • Leaking tap, even if the lever is fully close but water still continues to flow out.
  • Weird noise, when you hear noise coming from the tap whenever it is turn on. 
  • Stiff lever handle, as the lever is the most use part of the tap, it will wear out faster causing the handle to be stiff.

We Provide Immediate Tap Replacement For Kitchen Sink

Check your sink tap to see if any of the mention problem happen to your sink tap. Contact Wong Plumber to fix and of your leaking sink tap. Our sink tap replacement service includes dismantling and disposal of existing tap/faucet and installing new kitchen sink tap. A leaky tap/faucet will cause wastage of water. This will lead to an increase in the water bill. Whatsapp us to replace your tap today.

Why Should you choose Wong Plumber to replace your leaking sink tap.

  • Local experience plumber 
  • Guarantee workmanship
  • Quality Material supplied
  • Honest and transparent pricing 
  • Island wide emergency plumbing service in Singapore

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