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Toilet Bowl Replacement

Toilet Bowl Replacement Plumber

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Toilet Bowl Replacement

Types Of Toilet Bowl

  • S Trap Toilet Bowl
  • P trap Toilet Bowl
  • Wall Hung Toilet Bowl
  • Squat Pan Toilet

toilet bowl replacement
2-Pieces Toilet Bowl

Different Design Of Toilet Bowl

  • 2-Pieces Toilet Bowl: As the name suggest, the toilet bowl come in 2 parts the bowl itself and the detachable water tank. Easy to maintain and replacement part are easily to replace. Comes in both S-Trap and P-Trap Model.
  • 1-Piece Toilet Bowl: The toilet bowl are typically heavier, bulkier therefore costing more compare to a 2-pieces toilet bowl. More work will be needed to replace cistern. Also come in both S-Trap and P-Trap Model.
  • Wall-Hung Toilet Bowl: Typically Installed on the wall with bracket. And most of it have a conceal water tank. Commonly found in high end condo. Giving a sleek and minimalist look, however the cost to replace cistern is higher compare to the 2 type of toilet bowl above.
  • Squat Pan Toilet: Old design of toilet, not suitable to be used by elderly. HDB are replacing all squat pan with sitting pan during home improvement programme(HIP). However some private property are still using this type of toilet.

Wall Hung Toilet Bowl

We Provide Immediate Toilet Bowl Installation / Replacement

Our toilet bowl replacement service includes dismantling and disposal of the existing old crack toilet bowl and installing a of new toilet bowl. Because a broken cracked toilet bowl will cause great danger to the user. As far as safety is concern, we should never us a crack toilet bowl. Moreover, a leaking toilet bowl will increase water bill. Our plumber are trained to install toilet bowl. Whatsapp us today to get your toilet bowl replace today.

Based On HDB Website: Toilet Bowl Replacement Shall Be Carried Out By PUB Licensed Plumber Company

Why You Should choose Wong Plumber

Honest and Transparent Pricing
Honest and Transparent Pricing

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Fast Island Wide Service In singapore

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Experience Licensed Plumber

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Guarantee Workmanship

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