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Toilet Bowl Leakage Symptoms

Repair Toilet Bowl To Stop Leaks

If Any of the below mention issue occur, WhatsApp us at +65 8338 6737 , we will fix an appointment to repair your toilet bowl.

Clogged Toilet Bowl

When flushing the toilet, the water either fails to flush completely, stays in the bowl for an extended length of time, or overflows out of the the bowl.

Faulty Toilet Bowl tank

The tank of the toilet bowl have shown sign of cracks, water will seep through it. Causing water to leaking outside the toilet bowl.

damage Pan Collar

After flushing the toilet, water started to seep out from the base of the toilet bowl. Worn off pan collar unable to give the toilet bowl a seal causes water seepage.

Faulty Outlet Flapper

Water tricking into the bowl. The leaking in your toilet tank is most often caused by an old, worn toilet flapper. Over time, this rubber piece deteriorates and allows water to flow from the tank to the bowl even when no one has flushed.

Faulty Inlet Float

Water continues to fill up the tank even if it has reached the threshold. Valve unable to close when tank is full. Water then reaches the overflow pipe and leak out of the tank.

Faulty flexible Hose

Hose connected from water supply to toilet bowl worn off or burst causes water to leak from flexible hose to the floor.

leaking toilet bowl

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