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Leaking Toilet Bowl Replacement Parts



Leaking Toilet Bowl Replacement Part
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Replace Flushing system to fix leaking toilet bowl

Leaking Toilet Bowl

Toilet Bowl leak, how do you determine if the toilet bowl is leaking. There are different types of leaks a toilet bowl can have. We need to identify the source of the leak most often cause by worn off flushing system and pan collar. After knowing where is the leak is coming from, then we can apply remedy to fix the leaking toilet bowl.

replace pan collar to fix leaks

Types of toilet bowl leaking symptoms

  • The first and most common type of leak is water constantly leaking into the toilet bowl. This are cause by worn off flush valve or fill valve also known as flushing system. You will face with a bill shock when this kind of leak are not detected early. 
  • The second type of leak is water leaking out from the base of the toilet bowl every time you flush the toilet. A worn off pan collar will result in this kind of leak.
  • The last type of leak is the one cause by broken or crack toilet tank. Inspect the outer of the toilet bowl for hairline cracks, use a tissue paper to check if water is seeping out of the cracks.
cracked toilet bowl causing it to leak.

How to fixed a leaking toilet bowl

  • First if the leak is cause by worn off flushing system, to fix the leaking toilet bowl a simple replacement of the flushing system will stop the leak.
  • Second if the leaking is cause by worn off pan collar, similarly a replacement pan collar will also stop the leak. This will require the toilet bowl to be dismantle in order to replace the pan collar.

If you encounter a leaking toilet bowl, contact Wong Plumber. We will send our plumbers to your place and repair it. Our plumbers will diagnose the problem and provide the best solution to fix the leaks.

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