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Clear Basin Choke Plumber

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Clear Basin Choke

Clear Basin Choke

clear basin choke

Toilet Clear Basin Choke

Toilet, a crucial area in our home. And it is one of the area most Singaporean spend their money at during renovation. However, it is one of the most problematic areas. Ranging from small problem like leaking tap to a choked clogged basin. We Provide Clear basin Choke Services.

clogged basin

What Is a choked or clogged basin?

When you are washing at the basin, did you notice the water flowing to the drainage become slower as time goes by, making simple task like washing hand and brushing teeth a hassle. This is a sign that the basin is clogged.

facial hair accumulate In pipe

How does the basin become choke?

Example like facial hair and excessive make up product and even soap residue that has accumulated in the pipe would cause the basin to clogged up. Sometimes tissue paper and cotton ball are found to be the one causing the clogged.

pour hot water to prevent basin choke

What are ways we can do to prevent the basin from getting choke?

Do make sure no foreign object are push through the basin hole to create by creating obstacle, preventing water to flow away smoothly. 

Schedule a monthly maintenance for the basin by pouring hot water to break down any sediment that is stuck in the pipe.

a plunger is useful to unclogged basin

What should you do when a choke happen?

3 simple ways you can do to unclog the choke.

  • Use a plunger
  • De clogger found in hardware store
  • Drain snake

After doing the above step yet your basin is still choke, contact Wong Plumber, we will arrange our professional to fix the issue for you.

Why You Should choose Wong Plumber

Honest and Transparent Pricing
Honest and Transparent Pricing

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Fast Island Wide Service In singapore

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Experience Licensed Plumber

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Guarantee Workmanship

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