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Choke Clearing Services

Our choke clearing service includes checking on the cause of the choke, providing the best solution to clear the choke . A Clogged Sanitary pipe will caused dirty water to backflow into the toilet/kitchen. Whatsapp us for our choke clearing service to clear your choke today.

Choke Clearing Service

We Provide Immediate Basin Choke Clearing Services

Clear Repair Toilet/Bathroom Choke

Clears Repair Toilet Bowl Choke

Clears Repair Washbasin Choke

Clears Repair Kitchen Sink Choke

Clears Repair Floor Trap Choke

Clears Repair Drainage Pipe Choke

Clears Repair Urinal Bowl Choke

At Wong Plumber, we strive to provide affordable pricing with quality workmanship.

Need a plumber to fix your plumbing issues? Looking for an affordable prices with quality plumbing workmanship in Singapore?

You came to the right place, because Wong Plumber provide quality, affordable and effective plumbing services. To all residential and commercial client all-around Singapore.We are a well-recognized and well established company, praised in Singapore for efficient and top notch plumbing practices. We work with a wide range of customers from homeowners and landlords to business owners to help them in their needs.

We strive to provide all our client with a honest and transparent pricing for our plumbing services. Transportation and labour fees are included in our quoted price.

Wong plumber provides a full range of plumbing services all-around Singapore. This includes choke clearing for toilet / kitchen floor trap, basin, sink and toilet bowl. Plumbing fitting installation and replacement. Basin / sink tap and mixer. Washing machine taps, bib tap. Toilet bowl set and basin set and many more

If you are looking for plumbing service near me or looking for best plumber with affordable prices, we are always ready on standby to solve all plumbing issue.

Give us a Whatsapp at 65 8338 6737, chat with our friendly representative book an appointment with us, we will quote you an estimated pricing for the job.

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