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Bottle Trap Replacement Plumber

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Bottle trap replacement

Bottle Trap Replacement

bottle trap replacement
UPVC BottleTrap

As the name suggest bottle trap is a bottle that traps thing. What kind of things you might ask, thing like food waste, hair and debris. The bottle traps are installed under the sink or basin and connecting the waste to the drainage pipe. A simple looking PVC or Chrome bottle trap with a removable lower part to clear away debris and prevent pipe from clog. A leaking bottle trap can also happen.

Function of the bottle trap.

  • One of the main functions is to trap debris from flushing down the drainage pipe and cause a choke.
  • The second function is to block sewage smell coming from the drainage pipe. As water seal is created in the bottle itself.
Chrome Bottle Trap
Chrome BottleTrap

Type of bottle trap

 Bottle trap mainly comes in 2 finishing, either PVC or Chrome finishing. Both are widely use in Singapore. While the latter one might be commonly found in condo.

  • PVC Bottle trap, this bottle trap is most favorable by Singaporean. 90% of housing in Singapore uses PVC bottle trap in their kitchen sink. Made out of PVC, this will prevent corrosion cause by acidic food waste or even off shelve drain declogger.
  • Chrome Bottle trap, the gorgeous looking chrome finishing making consumer choosing it over the PVC. However, do take note that this bottle trap is still made of metal, and metal will corrode over time.

As long as finishing is not a concern, or the bottle trap is hidden inside a cabinet, a PVC bottle trap will be a better choice. No matter which one you choose once it starts to leak then it is time to replace it. 

We Provide Immediate Replacement For Bottle Trap

A leaking bottle trap is a common plumbing issue that can cause damage to your home and impact the efficiency of your plumbing system. The bottle trap is located beneath the sink that prevents sewer gases from entering your home. When a bottle trap leaks, it can lead to foul odors, water damage, and even mold growth. Causes of a leaking bottle trap can include worn gaskets or improper installation.

If you have a leaking bottle trap issue, Contact Wong Plumber to fix and replace of your leaking bottle trap. Our bottle trap replacement service includes dismantling and disposal of existing bottle trap and installing a new bottle trap. As spoiled bottle trap will have dirty water dripping into your toilet. WhatsApp Us to replace your bottle trap today.

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Honest and Transparent Pricing

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