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Home » What Causes Toilet Bowl And Floortrap To Choke

What Causes Toilet Bowl And Floortrap To Choke

What Causes Toilet Bowl And Floortrap To Choke

What Causes Toilet Bowl And Floortrap To Choke.

A clogged drain or floor trap is a serious issue that needs to be addressed appropriately. No one wants to walk into a kitchen or toilet flooded with the sewage water.

Let’s look at some of the most common causes of clogged Toilet Bowl And Floortrap To Choke.
  1. Oil And Grease
    This is mainly the culprits for the clogged sink in the kitchen. Oil and grease from dishes tend to accumulate and solidify in the sewage pipes over time, causing them to clog.
  2. Hairs
    Hairs are also another culprits of clogged drains and basin in the bathroom. The hair that accumulates in the pipes will lead to its clogging.
  3. Foreign Matters
    Foreign objects can sometimes drop into the opening of the floor trap and cause it to choke over time. Object ranging from food waste, clothing or toy thrown in by kids.
  4. Soap Scum
    Soap Scum is also a primary cause of clogged drains in the bathroom. Small pieces of soap along with soap residue after showering can cause a build-up in the pipes which can lead to its choking.
  5. Low Flushing Toilet Bowl
    Conserving water is important in Singapore. However, a weak flush could cause the toilet bowl to clog, as the waste is not adequately flushed away.

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