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Types of Licensed Plumber In Singapore

PUB Licensed Plumber

Many people are confuse about the types of licensed plumber in Singapore.

PUB Licensed Plumber

You may heard or see people posting and calming that they are PUB Licensed Plumber, HDB Licensed Plumber and BCA Certified Licensed Plumber. But do you know which is the one to engage?

In Singapore the license of the licensed plumber is issued by PUB. And only PUB issue the license to the licensed plumber hence PUB Licensed Plumber.

What about HDB Licensed Plumber and BCA Certified Licensed Plumber? There are no HDB or BCA licensed plumber.

Those who claimed to be BCA Certified Licensed Plumber are people who have completed the plumbing course in BCA and awarded a certificate. But they are still consider unlicensed plumber.

Some will claimed to be a HDB Licensed Plumber, but HDB do not issue the license or provide plumbing courses. They might be handyman serving HDB, but bear in mind they are not Licensed Plumber.

The fees charged by a local handyman or non-licensed plumber are almost identical as the licensed plumber. Then why pay the same fees but you are engaging a company that is not certified to carry out the work.

Here are 2 article about Un-Licensed Plumber work: The Straits Times & Tnp Straits Times

Here are a few step to identify licensed plumbers.

  • Ask the company to produce the licensed plumber number. The licensed number “WS” followed by 8-digit number, then head over to PUB website to check on it.
  • The full name and contact will appear in the search result. You can always give a call to the Licensed Plumber to double check if anyone are misusing their licensed.

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