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5 Benefit Of A Local Plumber You Should Know

Local Licensed Plumber Benefit

We know as a singaporean, we are all able to have access to internet, and the internet have all kind of DIY video. However not all issue can be solve by just a few DIY video. Plumbing is one of them, a wrong twist and turn will cause you a hefty repair amount. Leave the work to a local plumber company, then sit back and relax.

1. Reliability

Registering with ACRA as a local plumber company, we ensured all work are guaranteed and supervised by a PUB Licensed Plumber.

2. Fast Response Time

With plumber ready on standby in singapore, you can assure swift and fast response to attend to your emergency plumbing needs. You no longer have to let all the precious water been wasted while waiting for help.

3. Latest Equipment

Our Plumber are constantly upgrading our equipment to better suit the needs in Singapore. With the latest technology, we ensure our work is completed with the highest standard. Without the right tools, it is like drinking soup using chop stick.

4. Updated Rules And Regulation

As a local PUB licensed plumber company, we are constantly updated with the latest rules and regulation. Therefore we can ensure to you that all our work are following Singapore PUB rules and regulation.

5. Highly trained plumber

All our plumber are highly trained to solve all plumbing issue. With our knowledge and skills, we are able to easily identify the plumbing issue and resolve it immediately.

Wong Plumber Is The Right Choice For You

As a PUB licensed plumber and HDB renovation contractor, you can entrust all ur HDB plumbing needs to us.

Why You Should choose Wong Plumber

Honest and Transparent Pricing
Honest and Transparent Pricing

Reliable plumbing services at affordable prices with transparent pricing. No hidden fees, no surprises!

Fast Island Wide Service In Singapore
Fast Island Wide Service In singapore

Get same-day, fast response plumbing services for your urgent needs.

Experience Licensed Plumber
Experience Licensed Plumber

Get top-quality plumbing services from experienced plumbers also supervised by PUB Licensed Plumber

Guarantee workmanship
Guarantee Workmanship

Trust us for reliable, long-lasting solutions. Moreover our services are backed with 60 days limited warranty.

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