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2-Way Tap

2-Way Tap Replacement Plumber

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2-Way Tap Replacement

2 way tap replacement
Lever handle 2-Way Tap

As the name suggest a 2-way tap splits the water flow into two separate streams, delivering to two different outlets simultaneously usually to the instant heater. Common tap problem like leaking dripping still occur to the 2-way tap. We Provide 2 way tap replacement.

There are many different 2-way tap design, but all come down to two levers with two outlets.

Here are a few types of 2 way tap

cross head handle 2 way tap
Cross Head Handle 2-way Tap

The Y Type 2 way Tap

One lever has been provided at the top of the tap whereas the second one has been provided along the side. This is the most common type of 2 way tap and widely used in Singapore. The Y type 2 way tap come in 3 type of handle

  • 2 way tap with lever handle 
  • 2 way tap with cross head handle
  • 2 way tap with round handle 
flat head 2 way tap
T Type Opposite Handle 2-way Tap

The T type 2 way tap

Both levers are design to be placed opposite each other. This design is similar to a shower mixer, with a flat body giving a minimalistic look. This tap is gaining its popularity in singapore due to the design. Similar to the above 2 way tap, the threaded outlet is commonly connected to a instant heater.

Why is the 2 way tap popular in Singapore?

  • The convenience it provides, with only a single water point, the tap is able to simultaneous control 2 different outlet water. Without the need to add on a second water point save owner a lot of money.
  • Widely available in Singapore, just walk into any hardware shop you will have a range of 2 way tap to choose from.
  • Singapore HDB heater tap, most common use is to divert water to the tub sprout or to the ½” connecter connecting to an instant heater.

Common 2-way tap problem.

Like all other type of tap, after using for a few years problem will start to arise.

  • Number one problem is the 2 way tap leaking, water continues to drip after handle is fully closed.
  • Water pressure or water volume become smaller compare to other tap.
  • Damage handle or damage ½” thread will prevent user to use the tap.

We Provide Immediate Replacement For 2-way Tap

Remember to check your tap to see if any of the mention problem happen to your 2 way tap. Contact Wong Plumber to fix and replace of your leaking tap. Our 2 way tap replacement service includes dismantling and disposal of existing tap and installing new basin tap. As a leaky dripping tap will cause wastage of water, therefore it will lead to an increase in the water bill. Whatsapp us to replace your tap today.

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